Reindeer / Poro

Around Rovaniemi you can find some reindeers made of some different materials. Even in the city map you can see the shape of a reindeer (the head and the antlers). Alvar Aalto designed that on purpose during the reconstruction plan of the city after Rovaniemi was destroyed almost completely in 1944 by the germans. He was using the roads and the stadium to shape the head and moving some streets to the antlers.

Reindeer is like the emblem of the city, and also of  Lapland. You will find a lot of memorabilia for tourists made of reindeer or with the reindeers shape. We found this ones in city centre and the ones outisde the airport. Just have fun moving around looking for reindeers, ErasmusRovaniemi16 was using them to meet with friends. Erasmus in Rovaniemi 2016

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